My Story by Angela

My daughter leah was not planned I fell pregnant with her a couple of year into my relationship with her father.  Her father had a eye condition. When I found out I was pregnant I was concern she might have inherited a eye condition form him. He told me he would speak to his consultant. His consultant supposedly told him that it was a slim chance the child shouldn’t be affect. The relationship ended during my pregnancy as he was still a child who was not capable of being a father. 

I had leah my beautiful girl not worrying that she had a eye condition. She was born with beautiful big eyes. A few weeks after leah was born my mother notice there saw something not right about leah eyes. We took leah for her six weeks check up. I said to the doctor about the eyes that I was worried. He look and got us set up with appointment in Altnagelvin with the paediatrician. Who look at her then took us immediately down to a adult eyes specialist .

Leah seen the consultant who inform us that she had aniridia in both eyes which wasn’t too common most people only had it one eyes. She told us not to worry to much as long as there was no damage to her optic nerves. Leah was took down to theatre to check her optic nerve. It was bad news leah optic nerves hadn’t developed right.

At 5 months she was took down to theatre again which was to become a part of her life for a couple of years to check the pressure on her eyes. As she was to young to sit at the machine she is able to do now. The pressure has to be checked regular to make sure she doesn’t lose what little sight she has.

The consultant came back from theatre and told us she had a cataract in her lift eye her worse eye. Worse of all it couldn’t be remove as it would take away any sight she did have.  We were then set to Belfast to check to see if the consultant there could be anything for her. The answer was no.

The consultant in Belfast told me that her condition was inherited from her father. I told him what he had told me and he said anyone with his condition that had a daughter would have a 1 in 2 chance of inherited some type of eye condition. So her father lie to me. Though the best bit of it all his consultants was the same one leah had in Belfast. 

The worse day of or lives my family and leah was the 21st of November 2003 was the day leah was registered blind.

Over the years leah has developed a number of eye condition it a long list. Start with secondary degree glaucoma, Nystagmas, left anterion polar cataract with lamellar cataract and limbal stem cell failure And there is many more to many to name.

Thought to look at my daughter you would never think there was nothing the matter with her she is a happy child. I know it going to be a tough ride thought the help of my family there will be there to help me and leah through anything that life decide to through at us.

Through angels eyes leah has been able to meet other children with specials eyes like herself and I have been able to talk with parent who is gone through the same experience as myself. 


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